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[Scott-in-House] So Done with This

Who: Scott, Ami, Isabel, NPC Ripley
When: About 1:45 p.m.
Where: Cafeteria (non-Reading Room)
Invited: Everyone
Status: Complete

Sweat was beading on Scott's forehead from the minimal effort of nudging boxes and cans of food into a pile with House's cane. He was coping fairly well until Ami returned, easily carrying two suitcases and his computer bag with Blaise's in-shape body. Scott scowled before he could hide the expression.

Ami jogged up to him, laying one hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong, love?" He still wasn't used to hearing her words and accent in Blaise's baritone.

"Everything!" Scott snapped. "I'm exhausted just from this, and House is god knows where, and YET ANOTHER bad thing is going to happen--" Scott's angry gesturing disrupted his balance. Fortunately Ami caught him before he toppled over.

Ami reached out to soothe him, which was just plain wrong with her in the Marine's body. Scott stopped her with a look, then drew a deep breath. "I'm okay. As okay as I'm going to be, anyway." He motioned at the pile of non-perishables he'd collected. "Would you put that in one of the bags Isabel found?"
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Blaise hurried through the corridors of the bunker, not quite running. He paused long enough to give a quick visual sweep of the folk in the nearer cafeteria. None of the people he was seeking were inside. He moved on.

Coming around another corner, Blaise spied George, Chloe and May in the young japanese man's form ahead of him. "George! Chloe!"

They stopped and turned to face him. "Tara says you've got things worked out?" Blaise said.

"We do," Chloe said. "Come on, we're going in there," she added, pointing at the cafeteria door. "As soon as we can get the right people together, we're going to put them back where they belong."

"Good," Blaise said fervently. He followed them into the cafetera. He saw Isabel, Sam Tyler, House and--"Ami!" Blaise called.

He hurried toward Ami, ushering George and Chloe along. "They say they can fix this," he said. "So let's do it!"
"They say they can fix this," Blaise-in-Ami said. Isabel looked up sharply.

"Fix the body swapping?" she asked. "Good. Scott, give yourself a rest until you're back in your body. House is going to be irritable enough about having to have his back without you wearing it out first. I think we've got time."

She levitated his pile and tied it into a bundle which she placed by the outside exit.

"And don't scowl at me like that. I'm not showing off, I'm just getting things done. I don't think we have much time."
Alia'd had enough of lurking outside the bunker, trying to stay out of trouble. She needed to know if they were making any progress so she could get off this blasted island. Her insect bites were really starting to itch. She could think of a thousand places and times she'd rather have Leaped to. This was one of the most recent Leaps she'd done, but modern comforts were few and far between.

Careful what you wish for, she reminded herself with a sardonic snort. Wanting to stay closer to your own time didn't work out well, did it?

Perhaps Lothos would send her back to the fifties again next time. She quite liked the fifties really.

There was new activity at the bunker. Molly and River bringing things outside and running off with them, returning a few minutes later empty-handed to go and get another load. Curious, she waited for them to leave before entering the bunker, and finding the cafeteria a hub of activity, with Isabel calmly levitating piles of foodstuffs into bundles.

"Hey," she said. "What's going on?"

"Chloe figured out how to sort out the body swapping," Isabel said. "Where have you been, anyway?"

"Out," Alia said. "I needed some air. So is everyone swapped back yet?"

"No, but we're working on it. I hope you're still in the mood for some air."

"Why? What's with the packing?"

"Premonition of disaster, you might say. Thought it best to get some supplies out of the bunker."

"Who had this premonition?"

"It seems it was Molly first, using River's abilities, but River's convinced as well. Even I'm picking up some of it, and people seem to be agreeing with me very easily. There must be a sense of it in the air. Would you like to carry a bundle out?"

"Okay," Alia said. "Has anybody restored Dr Jackson and the Doctor to their proper bodies yet?"

"I don't know, but I hope they do soon."

"Me too."

She didn't notice Isabel watching her curiously as she took a bundle outside, following Molly and River's trail to their pile.
I've got a morning meeting that I'm not ready for (eep!), so I'm headed to work early. If this thread gets moving, please NPC my characters back to their own bodies. Later!
Ami's elation at the possibility of being restored immediately dampened when she looked over at Scott, clearly miserable in House's body. As if it wasn't enough that something was going to happen - and soon, if Molly/River's premonition was to be believed - there was also the missing House to take into account.

Somehow Ami didn't think the bloody sawbones was going to step willing forward and hand back over Scott's virile, handsome, healthy young body. Not without a fight. (Or being unconscious.)

Either worked for her.

"Wait," she held up a hand to forestall the proceedings. Ami had a glimmering of an idea of what was going to happen, particularly if George had a hand in it. (I wonder why no one thought of it before,) Ami mused, then put the thoughts aside. She could kick herself and fret on about it later. After she and Scott had their respective bodies back.

"Blaise, before we do this, I need you to agree to help me, help us," she motioned toward Scott-in-House, "With something, or else you'll just have to settle in for a wait in my body while I take care of it myself."

It was more than a little disconcerting to watch his (her) eyebrows rise and her head tilt curiously to stare up at her. Ami wondered if she detected a hint of frustration, or maybe just mild wariness, in the voice. "What?"



"You have the strength and the skill to restrain him long enough to get this done. Unless you really think that Gregory House is just going to smile and give up Scott's body without a fight?" Ami folded her arms across her chest, and met the other gazes that looked at her. "He's a selfish, arrogant wanker, and we all know it, so let's be honest about it. I highly doubt he'll cooperate in the least."

"We - I - don't know where he is," Blaise said quietly. While the admission probably confused others, Ami understood the meaning behind the words.

"You don't, but I will. He might be able to block you, but telepathically, I'm stronger than Scott, I'm more familiar with it all and I've been doing this since I was fourteen. I'll be able to find him. I just might need some help getting his cooperation."
And that was my drive by posting ... don't know when I'll be back again ... continue with the NPCathon
I will be posting a GAME EVENT later this morning, by request of our illustrious leader, fikgirl. Please hold off on posting anything else to this thread until it goes up. Thanks!
If said game event is what I think it is and we're not switched back yet and you need to NPC, Hiro-in-May is probably going to experience a serious surge in May's spider-sense, and he's been told to tell someone the SECOND it gets worse.

If it's not, disregard this comment.
The bunker's gonna blow, peeps. Let's move the action to Bye Bye, Bunker!.
"And don't scowl at me like that."